Goddess Gatherings:

A Celebration of Culture, Art, & Womanhood.

“Lilith,” By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art
The heart behind each Goddess Gathering is to create a loving space for women to come together, learn, and have fun- no matter what their belief system! Together we celebrate life and each other by sharing our cultures, folklore, art, mythologies, indigenous stories, primitive skills, passions, life experiences, and mainly, our hearts! These events are raw, authentic, unfiltered, unadulterated, & we get down to our true selves while supporting one another. We are enjoyably laid back for these particular events with valid reason. There is a structure to the weekend, but we also like to flow, leaving opportunity for connection and spontaneity.  You may attend as many or as few of the activities you like, honor your time!  This is a judgement free zone, and we have a tribal sisterhood built on trust, love, and a mutual respect for each other’s lives, businesses, and paths. Each gathering has a unique design with a different theme and varying teachers and workshops – so you never know what you’re gonna get! And we love that!  From relaxing Moroccan Slumber Parties to wild and natural Warwoman Primitive Skills  themes, we try to cover a bit of it all throughout the year. 


“Creation: Native American Medicine Woman,” By; Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

*Some of these topics include:

-Multicultural Goddess History 

-Primitive Skills (Art & Survival)

-Natural Arts & Crafts

-Yoga, Meditation & Stress Reduction

-Cultural Dance, Singing, & Storytelling

-Drum Circles & Bonfires

-Instrument Making (both musical and spiritual)

-and many more amazing things!

Barn Owl Priestess By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

If you are experienced in an area and  have something on your heart you’d like to share- Let’s do this!  From African goddess jewelry making and Appalachian rabbit fur purses  to Norse divination runes, tarot card readings, and Peruvian ocarina building- you name it, we’d love to have you share your skill!

New to teaching and want to get more experience in sharing your passion? Fantastic!  This is such a fun and encouraging environment to get your teaching-sea-legs a little stronger. We offer a Work-Trade Discount Ticket for those who would like to participate in sharing their skill during the weekend, (both seasoned and beginners.) If you would just like to come and kick back for the weekend, taking a break from teaching- by all means, do so with the Regular Price Ticket. We all need some down time!

“Eldorado,” By Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

So ladies, we invite you to come with open minds, non dogmatic, hearts, & free spirits, while we search for spiritual truth in our own journeys! We do projects on ancient cultural  goddesses and their archetypes, seeing how they fit into our daily lives. We learn about indigenous and archaic tribes all over the world and how they lived, their practices, their gods, and their beliefs. We break fear off of the unknown by sharing facts and comparisons to other religions and worldviews. We are the connecting bridges of light!

Most of these Goddess Gatherings are held at Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home. This wild and funny little farm is where we live, deep out in the woods where it’s private & oh, so fun! So needless to say, come as you are & let your weird Shine! Sleeping accommodations are communal which includes Free Outdoor Camping (you may also bring something comfy to crash on for indoors in common areas). If you would like a bit more privacy, or to just check the place out first, please look at out our Private Rooms, Primitive cabin, or Tipi (Teepee) on our Airbnb Link 

“Astarte,” by Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

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See you there, goddesses!


A special thanks to artist, Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art, who was featured in this page. Her fine art and goddesses are absolutely breathtaking and inspiring! To learn more about Tammy, click on her images or on this link. Blessings!

The Fine Art of Tammy Mae Moon

“Shelter From the Storm,” By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art