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Looking for some healthy, positive and quality you time? A  weekend to tune out the fast pacing world and take a dip into your psyche, creativity, paint, & yoga flow? Then join us with our special guest leader, and renowned Georgia artist and yogi, Mariah Hope, this Mother’s Day Weekend (Friday, May 12- Sunday, May 14th) for Creative Mindfulness: Art and Yoga Pop Up Retreat  at a zen-minded private home in Cornelia, Georgia.

Mariah has taught and shared her artistic skills and styles at many well known places and has been featured in multiple articles and  magazines, most well known, The Atalanta Woman, (which is perfectly named after the Arkadian goddess, Atalanta, a huntress known for her bow and arrow, and a favorite of the goddess, Artemis.)

Commonly sought after  for her “Storytellers Series,” Mariah will be sharing at the retreat a bit about their history and help participants create their very own personal storyteller throughout the weekend! This will be a collaborative event of  professional artists and healers, all coming together to celebrate art, yoga, unity, and wellness!

Enjoy healthy food prep classes and wine pairings, then unwind with some evening yoga and the hot tub or steam room. Wake up and expand your mind with meditation and interactive art classes taught by the pro’s. Learn about the history of women in drumming ending with a drum circle taught by William Rodriguez (owner of Archaic Roots & Co-owner of Reciprocitree), and much, much, more! To find out full details on the retreat, click the link below!


Creative Mindfulness: Art & Yoga Pop-Up Retreat

We can’t wait to gather with you and share skills, passions, and Life! Time to let go and Let Flow!

If you are interested in booking a retreat of your own for friends or clients, please contact:



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