July 13, 2018 - July 15, 2018

Goddess Gathering: WARWOMAN- Primitive Skills & Natural Arts Retreat


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“Ehwaz,” By Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

Welcome to another Goddess Gathering! Weekends for women to connect, network, have fun, & build sisterhood! Each gathering is a different theme, & this one is “WARWOMAN,” a retreat designed for us ladies to get down and dirty, and in touch with their raw, primal, & Powerful selves! A fun mix of yin & yang energy to get us motivated & empowered but also rested and restored! Balance….Mmmmm.  If you own a business or make/sell products, by all means bring them to sell or trade to each other! That builds such a beautiful connection & healthy networking, we fully support and love it!

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    The Warwoman Festivities Shall Include:


“Medicine Woman,” by Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

*Cultural Goddess Education and Art

*Primitive Skills- weaponry, cast iron cooking,  fire building, etc 

*Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Flow Arts

*Indigenous Instrument Building 

*Drum Circles & Bonfires

*Natural Goddess Arts & Crafts, & Pit Fired Pottery

*Natural Spa Time- Mud Painting/Bathing, herbal body scrubs, facials, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! 

“Pertho,” By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

If you would like to teach a class or share your skill, you may purchase a Work Trade Discount Ticket. If you would like to just come to relax, learn, unwind, & enjoy some time off of teaching for the weekend, that too is encouraged! That would be a Regular Price Ticket, on the website. Whichever one feels best for you for the weekend is great!

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“Wildlings,” By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

So come let out your inner war cry with us out in the woods at Archaic Roots, a monolithic dome home in Lakemont, GA which has indoor and outdoor availability for sleeping arrangements. It also has private rooms, a cabin, and tipi/teepee for an additional charge Outdoor camping is free, and tickets include either option- you can bring your own tent, or you are more than welcome to sleep inside in common areas Moroccan Slumber style like we do for Goddess Gatherings where everyone builds indoor forts, tents, & zen dens- it’s such a Blast!

Cover Photo- “White Raven,” By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

Dress is casual and comfortable, this is a fun and judgement free zone!

Work Trade Discounted Ticket- $49
Regular Price Ticket- $79



You can catch the vibe of the dome on this Airbnb link!  Dome Home Airbnb site. Or Please Contact info@reciprocitree.com  for more information.

See You There, Goddesses!

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