Workshops and Retreats 

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We host a variety of different Workshops, with a main focus of  bringing cultural awareness into the community including:

*Primitive Skills 

*Cultural Immersions

*Indigenous Instrument Building 

*Natural Arts & Crafts 

*Meditation & Yoga  

 *Emotional Health/ Stress Reduction

And so many more throughout the year. You can find a little bit of it all here! Most of the Workshops are held at our main location,  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home, but there are also ones that we do at our some of our Networking Partners’ venues as well. Each workshop is one of a kind and holds a unique vibe for the day, and they are constantly being added to the schedule. Some might last a few hours, and others may last a few days, depending on the event! Instrument building workshops include:

*Cultural Drums 

*Native American Flutes 


*Bull Roarers

*Wind Wands 

 *Ocarinas & other fun goodies!




Some of our longer gatherings and retreats have a consistent flow of workshops throughout the whole weekend led by multiple facilitators, artists, healers and more. These include our Cultural Immersions, Kinsfolk Gatherings, Adventure Retreats, & More. We also specifically hold Goddess Gatherings, which are weekends designed for women, to create healthy and synergistic friendships, as well as support each other in life and in business. A place for women to come let loose,  learn about different cultures, share their skills, sell or trade their products with each other, and bond over good food, music, wine, pajamas, mud baths, and whatever else we have planned for that specific theme!

Kyle and William at one of the Djembe Building Workshops here at Archaic Roots

Whether you make it out to a Drum Circle or a Indigenous Instrument Workshop, you are in for a unique experience! One friend and participant who has attended many events, explained it best when he said-“Events here at the Dome Home are like snowflakes… they’re all so beautifully different and unique, no matter how many times you come to a Drum Circle or Flute Building Workshop, there will never be two times the same, the people will change, the inside jokes different, so I’ve learned to cherish each moment here as a snowflake that will melt into a memory.”

– Kyle (our Drum Saddle Mascot and Handy Man. -Ha!)


 Other Areas We Serve!

William volunteering at the local pre-school with an Indigenous Instrument Presentation

We also help organize workshops at other venues throughout the Tri-State area (Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.)If you have a venue and are interested in hosting one of our workshops, contact us today!If you are a practitioner, facilitator, or artist and want to lead a workshop. Learn more on our Get Involved page!