Don’t have an instrument to bring? Come build one at a workshop before the circle one month! Frame Drums, Djembes, Flutes, Ocarinas, Didgeridoos, create your own sacred instrument and it’s music!

Drum Circle Dates for 2018 

 March 24th- 6pm           Archaic Roots 

April 28-29th 6pm-         Conyers, GA

May 26th- 6pm-                Archaic Roots

June 23rd- 6pm                Archaic Roots

July 28th-6pm                  Archaic Roots

August 25th- 6pm-          Archaic Roots

Sept. 22nd- 6pm-             Archaic Roots

October 20th-6pm-         Archaic Roots


We are big believers in the philosophy that music and food connects people. There are multiple venues throughout the year that we hold Community Drum Circles, some at synergistic establishments throughout the tri-state area, and others at home, deep in the woods. Here at Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home, we hold a monthly Drum Circle & Potluck, close to the full moon.

A very fun and memorable night out at Newton Homeopathics’ Horse Ranch where we have annual drum circles and camping on the river with all the horses and more laughs than one can fathom by the end of the night.
 These have become some of our favorite events that always consist of good food, good music, and great laughs with friends all night around the fire!
On rainy or chilly evenings, we jam inside the dome which is really fun as well with the acoustics, so these events are rain or shine and come as you are.
Whether it is your first time drumming, or you are a seasoned drummer, this will usually catch your vibe! It is a fun bunch of friends, old and new, who come together to learn from each other & share in on the goodness of life & the sacred fire.
The guys help to replace parts of the slide and getting ready for a bonfire!






These circles are held on a Saturday evening once a month, but over the last year it has become a whole Weekend event for some folks.We run many Work-Trade Events here where people can come and stay in trade of them sharing their skills here and lending a hand. We also do group projects to build up the campsites here for more community events and are working on building an all outdoor cooking station and putting up the tipi (teepee), new gardens and fencing, always a million things to do on a farm! 🙂

Kyle (the legend responsible for naming the nights), making a super awesome ornament this last holiday season with us. Because Real Men make ornaments. BAM!

We also have what we call “Feelin’ Crafty Nights,” on drum circle weekends (Thanks for the name, Kyle!) A group of us friends think that it is super cool to work on totally random arts and crafts’ projects when you are hanging out, so that’s exactly what we do!

Some of the guys have gotten into rope tying due to Rodney’s enthusiasm for knots, and at the last circle that we had, two of them showed up with prototypes of rope tying doodads that were Awesome. Some of us make instruments, knit or crochet, make jewelry, natural wreaths, sew, paint, play games, whatever you are into!



Real Friends build rope tying prototypes together in pajamas.

These nights have truly become so fun and binding. From Pinterest & Instructibles projects to a bunch of dudes doing manly carpentry work, we all find something to do & work on here. It has been so incredibly empowering & something to look forward to!

Some folks come Friday to hang out, settle in, and help out. We usually have a potluck start around 7pm, then gather for drumming afterward! There are also sometimes Sacred Instrument Building Workshops during the day of some drum circles so check the schedule if you are interested in those! Drums of many kinds, flutes, didgeridoos, bullroarers etc.  A very fun way to connect with your instrument! An absolute treasure. 


Will and Scottie building Native American Flutes.

Camping & overnight stays available for Friday & Saturday. We also have indoor private rooms available, a primitive cabin, and a tipi which will be avilable in the spring when it is a bit warmer!  Check out our Airbnb Link for discounted rates if you are attending a workshop or event.



Will and Matthew juicing up some good greens before the potluck!


*Please bring food or donation for communal eating, as well as any sleeping gear and overnight stay things that you will need. (We have a page with a list of suggested foods and goodies if you need help on ideas, check out the, “Things You Cant Go Wrong Bringing To A Potluck at the Dome,” page.

To learn  more about Drum Circles please contact William at or by phone at 404-456-9932

Can’t wait to drum, eat, and connect with you!