Get back to your roots.
Get back to your roots.
Events &  Retreats
Events & Retreats
Community Festivals.
Community Festivals.
Stay at the Dome Home on Airbnb!
Stay at the Dome Home on Airbnb!

Branches of reciprocal giving

Once upon a time, there were two conscious business owners who decided to think smarter, and not harder. They wanted to support each other, as well as help other businesses branch out with reciprocity and mutual respect. So they teamed up in a beautiful business collaboration, and alas, the ReciprociTree was born. A synergistic network who helps each other grow in business and has multiple branches. Branch One: We provide educational retreats on Culture, History, Health & Wellness, Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Instrument Making, & Lots More! (Please see our Workshops Page) Branch Two: We connect our students that are further interested in the subjects we teach with our reputable network of universities, institutions, non-profits, spiritual centers and advisers. Whether you are looking for continuing education courses, certificates, degrees, or just ways to get involved, we are here to help you on your path! Knowledge is power! From health and wellness retreats to cultural immersions, family camping events, community festivals and more, we try to cover all the bases to spread educational fun amongst communities! We truly believe that we can be more effective and efficient in our practices by working together in a beautiful and synergistic way, and even enjoy ourselves! We LOVE what we do for a living!!!

The Goddess Gatherings

Connecting Women through Culture, Storytelling, History, Art & Music

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Cultural Immersion Retreats

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Reviews from our Gatherers!

Such an amazing place and community! Stumbled upon this hidden gem through Airbnb, then came back for a Goddess Gathering weekend. Amy and Will are amazing hosts, and the land and home are so magical. Can't wait to visit again for all the good vibes, art, healing, and fun! (Photography by Anna Mills)

Jeni Moncayo

My husband and I stayed at the cabin for our honeymoon. It was just precious. The host William and Amy were the sweetest, most down to earth people I have ever met in North East Georgia. I love the feeling of living in nature and the homestead is just that. They have the sweetest animals too! The cabin has that nice, natural, camp style feel to it. We will be coming back again soon. I definitely recommend this place and these people! Namaste!

Chelsea Fuller

Sponsored Artists & Facilitators:

Find out more about some of our favorites!

Sponsored Artists: Rowan & Ryan of Fourth Branch Studios

If you have an affinity for all things miniature, tiny, adorable, magical, and mindful, you will Love this Asheville artist […]

Sponsored Artist: Mindi Meltz, creator of Customized Animal Wisdom Cards

An author and artist that we have recently connected with (and then became utterly fascinated with!) is Mindi Meltz.  I […]

Sponsored Artist: Danielle Taylor & The Happy Empath: Energetic Gifts & Jewelry

 Meet Dani Taylor of The Happy Empath! I have learned that designing events also comes with an extra, (and super […]

Partners in Continuing Education:

A special thanks to our Partners in Continuing Education who help provide our reputable resourcing and continuing education. Please check the P.I.C.E page to find out more about each university, non profit, or adviser.


Thank you to our outstanding network of support!